The Reformed Protestant Church of Ghent is a Mission Church of the Blue Ridge Presbytery (PCA) located in Ghent, Belgium.

If you have a heart for Confessionally Reformed mission work in Europe, please take a minute to look over this informational website and subscribe to our update letters.

Saint Peter’s Abbey (above) is one of the original settlements from which Ghent grew into a city of 260,00 inhabitants. The Abbey was founded in the late 7th century by Amandus, a local bishop.

Learn about us in 3 quick steps.

The Church

The Reformed Protestant Church of Ghent is a mission work born out of the need for Reformed, Dutch-language evangelism in our city. (See the “About Belgium” page.) It is also born out of the need for a faithful evangelical & Reformed witness in the midst of the theological downgrade affecting the Dutch-speaking Reformed world. PastorContinue reading “The Church”

Philosophy of Ministry

We whole-heartedly subscribe to conservative, confessional Reformed theology and an “ordinary means of grace” approach to ministry. A fuller statement of our approach to ministry is available upon request. Important Influences Classic Reformed works on Pastoral Theology: Thomas Murphy, William Blaikie, Charles Bridges, Martin Buber, etc. The classic and confessional teaching regarding Reformed, regulative-principle worship.Continue reading “Philosophy of Ministry”

“Come… help.”

“And a vision appeared to Paul in the night: a man of Macedonia was standing there, urging him and saying, ‘Come over to Macedonia and help us.’” (Acts 16:9) We have need of prayer, financial, and logistical support from our brethren. We ask you to consider helping us in our need. Specific budgetary information isContinue reading ““Come… help.””

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